Tools to mortgage wisely.

At Modern Mortgage, we believe that creating savvy borrowers is equally important as providing exceptional services for your financing needs. Our Modern Minute video series are intended to help you better navigate the mortgage process and have a better understanding of the market forces in play both in the mortgage industry and the broader economy.

Mortgage Basics

History of the word ``mortgage``

How do I qualify for a loan?

What's a credit score?

Deflation Series

Back it up: what's deflation?

Prove it!

Spend $107 to earn $100

What to DO about it

MODERN MINUTE: Economic Strategy

Will you be an early adopter of the new rules?

Don’t be attached to the outcome

The reorientation underway

MODERN MINUTE: Personal Finance

Refinancing in a crisis


Learn from the big banks – reduce risk inside your doors

Dollar decisions you won’t doubt

MODERN MINUTE: Homeownership / Real Estate Market Watch

When NOT to buy

Purchasing in a crisis

Velocity, not values

Are lower prices really more affordable?

Have you locked in affordability for the long term?

Renters for life?