Modern Musings

Even if You’re “Not Ready” to Buy…

…now is a great time to meet with a lender. Our bankers can take a deep dive with you into your finances to provide a larger picture of how to get “mortgage ready.”

A lender can:

  1. Walk you through what sources may qualify for a down payment (i.e., gifting).

  2. Evaluate your credit and help develop a roadmap toward qualifying.

  3. Educate you on a variety of loans and strategies that can be deployed.

  4. Provide you specifics about how much is needed in savings for a down payment.

  5. Give you an understanding of what it means to be “mortgage ready.”

From developing credit recovery plans to providing information on various down payment savings initiatives, lenders have a dynamic ability to provide roadmaps for you to become a homeowner. Talking to a lender before you’re “ready” to buy can help you feel more confident and less stressed when the time does come to purchase a home.